Tarot Writing Prompt: Strengths vs. Blindspots

You can use this spread and prompt for a character you’re working with, or implant yourself as the character in this spread and try written self-reflection.


Begin by selecting a character you're currently working with, or open your imagination to connect with a character who wants to be seen.

Card 1: The Blindspot

The card on the left represents the character's blindspot, an aspect of their nature (defense mechanism, way of seeing the world, attitude about themself) that undermines their objectives and causes suffering. You would expect to see a "negative" card in this position, but there are no negative cards. Remember, positive cards can still be disruptive. Anything in excess creates a stumbling block. Or think of a "positive" card as a character's inability to embrace the energy expressed by the card. The character is not fully aware of this aspect of Self.

CARD 2: Hidden Strength

The middle card represents the character's hidden strength, an aspect of their nature — a talent, a way of being, a tendency, or natural impulse — that assists the character in progressing forward and moving closer to what they want.

What if you see a "negative" card where you expect to find a positive answer? Perhaps an earlier struggle or difficulty depicted in the card gave rise to this hidden strength.

Card 3: Situation

The card on the right represents a situation the character finds themself in. Think of it this way: The energy of this card describes the essence of the situation — harmonious, conflicted, passionate, or transformative, etc.

Now ask yourself this: Which of the two traits will come forward in this scenario — the blindspot or the hidden strength? What outcome will result for the character?

Write a flashback or scene that captures the character's actions, thoughts, words, reactions, and decisions in such a situation.


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