Tarot Writing Prompt: A Character's Sense of Justice

You can use this spread and prompt for a character you’re working with, or implant yourself as the character in this spread and try written self-reflection.


The Justice Card

Pull the Justice card from your deck and place it in front of you as the central card for this quick reading.

Card 1 (to the Left of Justice)

This card represents the value or principle your character must confront. Such as: how money and resources are handled, how leadership and power are wielded, how sex and love are given and received, how words are used, what truths are spoken, what secrets are buried, who should be defended at the expense of whom...

Lots of should questions here: The character is being asked to examine an area of uncertainty and determine where their values land, where they draw the line. Often, we take action according to impulse and then rationalize our behavior and create a “sense of justice” that validates our choice. But when consequences arise, we often look more closely at our choices and deeds, asking ourselves: Is this how I want to be? Is this in keeping with my beliefs? What are my beliefs, anyway?

Consider what circumstances in the plot / story are forcing the character to confront where they stand on this question. What external circumstances (and previous actions by the character) will create the right amount of internal pressure to force this come-to-Jesus with Justice? And what area of life, what “values area” is the character being asked to examine?

Write for 10-20 minutes exploring this aspect of your character’s trajectory.

Card 2 (to the Right of Justice)

This card represents the action your character chooses to take after wrestling with the question of justice. The Justice card is about seeing more clearly the values and principles we desire to live by, with the idea that once our eyes are opened to these core values, we must follow with proper action. Of course, not all characters are ready for radical growth. Some will run, some will hide, some will take half-measures, but some will stand and fight. What action will your character take?

Write for 10-20 minutes exploring this aspect of your character’s trajectory.

Deepening Through Writing

Either take the insights from the cards and journal about what your character is seeing and how they may act in response? Better yet, write two scenes (which may take place days, weeks, months, or years apart). In the first, your character is forced to reckon with their place in the course of events. In the second, write a scene in which the character takes action after this reckoning. What will they say? What stand will they take? What subversive toppling of dominoes will they set in motion? Or what will they do if they can not find the courage to act?

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