Tarot Writing Prompt: The Spinning Wheel

You can use this spread and prompt for a character you’re working with, or implant yourself as the character in this spread and try written self-reflection.


Setting Up Your Reading

Remove The Wheel of Fortune from your deck and lay it in front of you. Shuffle the rest of your cards, then select one card to sit before The Wheel of Fortune, and one card to sit after. Here, The Wheel of Fortune is a turning point between your two mystery cards. You can view these two cards in a variety of ways: two events, two phases of life, two dynamics, two ways of being, two aspects of Self that compete for attention.

Draw Two Cards

Consider: Does this spread of cards call out to you personally, pointing out features of your life? Or do they look more like inspiration for a scene inhabited by characters you’re writing about (or characters waiting to be born)? Choose a personal or fictional path, and write:

• For 7 minutes to explore the scenario in the card on the left, your before card. What’s at stake in this scenario? What real-world dynamic are you / your character experiencing as a reflection of this card?

• For 7 minutes, explore the scenario in the card on the right, your after card. Describe what’s at play in this scene. What do you / your character experience as this archetype unfolds?

• For 7 minutes, explore what connects before and after? Which way is The Wheel of Fortune spinning? Does your character resist? How so? Or does she join the movement of the wheel? To what extent do external circumstances complicate or assist the character in traversing before and after?

• Try to summarize the character’s trajectory (or your own) in one or two sentences, and try to articulate what sits at the heart of this transition. Awakening, delusion, compassion, greed, empowerment, giving away power, shifting desires, etc.?

If you try it, feel free to share insights, questions, or results! Particularly those final sentences!


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