Let Your Tarot Journey Begin!

Typewriter Tarot offers a variety of options for your next Tarot reading, whether you're looking for an in-depth private session to sort out a heavy question, or a long-distance reading by mail. We can provide readings for guests at your next party, event, or fundraiser, or request a consultation for you and your partner as you navigate the natural but sometimes thorny parts of your relationship.

*We consider sliding-scale pricing on an as-needed basis.*


Mystic Message

We’ll pull a single Tarot card and mail it to you, along with a typed message corresponding to the card. Each message is unique, written just for you, and full of poetic inspiration for contemplation and self-reflection. You can send us a question to guide this mini-reading, or we can simply pull a card on your behalf (you’ll receive the exact message you need at just the right time). These also make for memorable, personalized gifts for friends and loved ones. Please allow one week for delivery. $10

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Private Reading

Spend an hour with a Typewriter Tarot Reader who will guide you through a reading of ten to fifteen Tarot cards. Private sessions can be held in person or remotely via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout. These detailed sessions are perfect for clarifying a problem, or taking stock and finding new direction even when life is running smoothly. We'll talk about where you've been, how your experiences have impacted you, your strengths and skills, and areas where you can grow. Your Typewriter Tarot reader will interpret the cards in your spread, and delve into various aspects of your life, providing honest and empowering advice. You'll receive a written account of your reading in the mail, along with a photo of your spread and "power card," within a week after your session. $80


The Lovers Reading

Tarot is a powerful tool for understanding the strengths both partners bring to a relationship, as well as the tensions and challenges that stand in the way of intimacy and mutual growth. With both members of the relationship present (and the Tarot cards as our guide), we'll begin an honest conversation geared toward reflection and learning. By exploring defining moments, desires, and areas of disagreement, both partners can chart a shared path toward greater intimacy. Couples' sessions run 75 to 90 minutes, and Typewriter Tarot will mail a written account of the message that arises from your reading. $95

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Readings By Mail

If you don't live in Austin or Houston (where we're happily located!), Typewriter Tarot will conduct a reading for you remotely and send your written Tarot message to you by mail, along with a photo of your spread and "power card." To get started, we'll ask a few questions about what's on your mind and what you hope to learn from the cards. We'll conduct your reading and consult the cards for you, providing a thorough description of the message that arises. We'll also make ourselves available for a follow-up call after your reading arrives. $55


Events & Parties

Whether you're hosting a fundraiser, corporate gathering, bachelorette party, anniversary party, or creative soiree, Tarot can add an exciting, intimate, and lively element to your next event. Typewriter Tarot's readers will interpret the cards for your guests, leaving them with a unique and personalized experience they won't forget! Click below to provide us with details about your next shindig, and we'll get back to you quickly with a quote. Pricing Variable


Gift Certificates

Share the gift of Tarot with those you love! Private Readings, The Lovers Readings, and Readings By Mail make for memorable, creative gifts your friends and family won't soon forget. We'll mail a gift certificate directly to your intended recipient. Senders receive 15 percent off a future Typewriter Tarot session (in person or by mail). Gift certificates and companion discounts are valid for 12 months. Private Readings $80 / Lovers Reading $95 / Readings By Mail $55