I received a detailed reading & it was lovely to receive the typed reading a few days later in the mail!
— R.H.

“Fascinating & thought-provoking.”

Typewriter Tarot offers a nuanced, intuitive interpretation of the cards. My reading was fascinating and thought-provoking. I loved receiving a follow-up summation. I highly recommend taking a Tarot ride with Typewriter Tarot.

— L.B.

“I now have a clearer path.”

My reading confirmed who I am and that what I want in my life is perfect for me. I now have a clearer path to follow and a better understanding of what I need to do in order to live my life more authentically.

— D.D.

Cecily’s insightful counseling of the Tarot is particularly reinforced with the follow-up written interpretation and image providing an additional facet of meaning. Very interesting and a great keepsake. Thank you, Typewriter Tarot!
— T.S.

“A whole different way of looking at life.”

My Typewriter Tarot reading was equally insightful and fun. It provided a whole different way of looking at life and taught me more about myself. The written follow-up I received aftter the reading has served as a meditation. I can't recomend this unique experience enough. 

— J.K.

“It resonated with me immediately.”

To be honest, I'm not sure I liked what Cecily had to say, but it resonated with me immediately. I had become set in my ways. For new growth and opportunity to come my way, I needed to change my approach. The end result would take me where I wanted to go, but I would only get there on a new path I created for myself. I took baby steps toward it at first. The close friends I shared my written reading with all had the same reaction. 'This is so you right now.' My challenge is to become less structured, more carefree, and allow for exploration and new experience. Cecily gave me valuable insight through the Tarot, and I took it to heart. I have already brought friends to Typewriter Tarot for their personal readings. I highly recommend!

— S.L.

My reading was interesting, accurate, thorough, and an overall good time. I highly recommend a reading with Typewriter Tarot if you’re interested in this sort of thing. Or if you aren’t, but want to try something new to expand your horizons (even if you think it’s silly). Or if you just want to talk to a funny, intelligent person!
— K.C.

Testimonials from Events

“I can't tell you how many times I heard people say, 'She nailed me! She is so good!'”

Typewriter Tarot was the ideal addition to our event. Cecily and her team were completely responsive, reliable, and approachable. They were tireless, working four hours straight outdoors, but remained cheerful and accommodating to all, throughout. There was a waiting list all day, but not because the readings were slow! I can't tell you how many times I heard people say, "Oh my god! She nailed me! She is so good!" Typewriter Tarot is a real crowd-pleasure. Hire them for your event. You'll be very satisfied!

— O.F.

We were so excited to have Typewriter Tarot participate at our last event. They went to great lengths to set up a booth that evoked curiosity through the placement of unique objects and profound writing activities. Even though there was an air of mystery, the Typewriter Tarot crew couldn’t have been more warm and welcoming. Everyone who was fortunate enough to receive a reading praised them for providing an experience that was both genuine and thought-provoking.
— L.B.